Faux Finishes

How to Paint Faux Carrara Marble

Bridget O’Brien, the protagonist of Faux Finished, is an artist with a faux finishing business in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The night of the murder, she was marbleizing wall panels in the ballroom of Magnolia Blossom Country Club, where she and her partner, Chica, were sprucing up the club for the upcoming wedding of the mayor’s daughter.

She was kneeling next to the panel when she heard a scream. She bolted upright and smeared a ruinous white blob with her hand. So much for lovely marbleizing.

BTW, the excellent folks at Behind the Scenics have created instructional videos on faux finishing.

Tromp l’oeil Basics

In Faux Finished, Bridget O’Brien “used the tromp l’oeil technique (in the Habitat House she and her daughter and partner volunteered on) to create the illusion of a window with a scenic view of the university’s bell tower above the treetops.

Trompe l’œil is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.

How to Gild with Gold Leaf

“You interrupted me tip-gilding the angels on the ceiling,” said Bridget in Faux Finished.

Randy glanced up at the enshrouded chandelier tied to one side for easier access to the unfinished medallion and then sidled over and took one of my braids in his hand as if it were a holy relic. He picked a few gold leaf flakes from my hair.

“You still look like an angel to me, Bridget O’Brien.”

This tutorial features Amy Howard at Home, Rescue, Restore, Redecorate

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